Shri Rajesh Aggarwal
Principal Secretary, IT Government of Maharashtra

The Government of Maharashtra is committed to making e- governance a success in the state. Virtualization and cloud computing play a critical role in enabling our vision for e-Governance. We are using UID for data de-duplication to root out the menace of bogus beneficiaries and include those who are left out. We are also focusing on bank transfers with an aim to make the money transfers to and from the government completely electronic, completely paperless.

Shri Virendra Singh
Director, IT, Government of Maharashtra

The transition from a typical government office and a typewriter-based system to a modern-day office with seamless connectivity and total process integration was a daunting task for the administration. But this was handled with meticulous planning and a steady and persistent approach.

Shri J. Satyanarayana
Secretary, DEITY, Government of India

eGovernance, eLearning, eSecurity, elndustry, innovation, R&D and elnclusion have been the thrust areas for the 12th five year plan. We have been able to make step wise progress in each of the areas through various initiatives. It is encouraging to see Maharashtra being able to make progress in the areas of innovation through use of local language, automating commercial tax system, creation of secured infrastructure.

Shri Nandan Nilekani
Chairman, UIDAI Government of India

At the outset, I would like to appreciate the initiative by Government of Maharashtra on the progress of Aadhaar. Efforts made by the State Government for creating SRDH and seeding of Aadhaar through SMS/web based self-seeding portal and various departmental databases, is first of its kind and is indeed commendable.

Shri RS Sharma
Former DG, UIDAI, Government of India

We have leapfrogged from a situation where many people didn't have an ID to a situation where everybody will have an online, electronic, transportable, portable identity which can be authenticated anywhere. We have done 27 crore enrolments thus far, and we are planning that by the end of 2014 we would have done about 600 billion Aadhaar enrolments. We have run multiple pilot projects to assess the effectiveness of the card in delivery of other services including the subsidies.

Shri Ajay Bhushan Pandey
Deputy Director General UIDAI

Maharashtra has been leading the way in terms of UID enrollments, innovations related to use of UID and making actual use of UID numbers by linking it to various schemes. The state has become the biggest registrar as far as enrolments under Aadhar are concerned. We have started to make use of the clean UID data by linking it to several e-Governance projects in the state. It will help benefits reach the people, plug leakages and make the system more efficient, transparent and closer to the people.